Nvidia Shield TV

New Nvidia Shield TV is all about 4k

The new version of the Nvidia Shield TV box was unveiled at CES 2017. There is not much change in design in the new model. 4K HDR video support is at the forefront of what the new version brings. The new Shield TV, which will be out of the box with a remote control and game controller, can be pre-ordered for $ 199.99. Nvidia will start shipping its new game and multimedia box in January.


Nvidia Shield TV


According to a statement made by Nvidia, the new version is performing three times faster than its competitors in the market. With the new Shield TV running on the Android TV platform, you can access 4K content on apps like Netflix, Google Play Movies and Vudu. Amazon Video support makes it possible to watch 4K HDR content. According to a statement from Nvidia, current Shield products will have the new features from the 4K Shield with updates to be released in January.



The remarkable features of the new Shield TV are not limited to just 4K content support. Google Assistant support also allows the Shield TV to recognize commands that are spoken. The Nvidia Spot-branded microphone, which will be sold independently from the box, can be placed anywhere in the house, and Shield TV will be able to detect commands issued with voice. Google Assistant will also be supported with Nvidia’s new streaming box. In fact, it is the first streaming device to support Google Assistant.


Nvidia Shield TV


Since its inception, Shield devices have been positioned as more advanced products than an online video box. The new version continues this approach. The new version of Nvidia Shield TV supports many games including Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and For Honor. The Steam application added to the Play Store by Nvidia makes it possible to enjoy the games in 4K HDR resolution.

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