Razer Project Valerie

Razer made a laptop with 3 screens

The multi screens which become indispensable for those who like to play games on the desktop computers now appear to be confronted with laptops. At CES 2017, Razer has unveiled Project Valerie, which is still in concept phase though.



No matter how powerful the laptops are, the desktop is having serious challenges with the devices. One of the factors that strengthen the hand of the desktop computers is the multi-screen option. Users who wanted a better gaming experience would prefer to have multiple screens. Razer announced the Project Valerie concept, which will include the exact point of the competition.


Razer Project Valerie


Project Valerie has three 17.3-inch displays with 4K resolution. Thus, for the first time, a laptop game offers a 180-degree viewing angle without the need for computer users to make extra effort. When all of these screens are used together, a resolution of 11,520 × 2160 pixels is achieved. The included NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card is compatible with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. However, for now, there is no information on the processor or internal memory of this device. If you look at the first explanation, Project Valerie will become indispensable for publishers and professional players.



Of course, the three screens added to the system add an extra load. The 5.4 kilogram Razer Project will also take over the game-specific heaviest laptop computer title in the case of Valerie. It is not yet clear whether this concept will be passed on to production or what the price of the sale will be.

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