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How gigafactory will work?

Tesla Gigafactory

How gigafactory will work?

The latest investment of Elon Musk, now considered an important visionary who changed the world in many aspects, Gigafactory has finally begun to produce vehicles.


Although the fabrication of the fabrication is not completely finished, some parts are now ready for production in the giant factory, and Tesla has begun production in the ready-made parts so that the giant investment can begin to generate cash as soon as possible.



Gigafactory was a compelling investment for Tesla, who realized there was not enough Lithium-ion battery production in the world to produce a large number of electric cars. Tesla realized that they had to build its own battery factory to be able to grow and produce more cars. Once again, not only Tesla, but also competitor car manufacturers will start to produce electric cars, and these companies will demand for batteries in the world, and battery prices will increase rapidly, and it will become increasingly difficult to produce electric cars. In other words, the bottle mouth in front of the electric car production was the Li-ion battery production capacity around the world, and Elon Musk succeeded in expanding the bottle mouth with the investment of Gigafactory, which was jointly established with Panasonic.


It will double the world production by itself


When Gigafactory begins production at full capacity, Li-ion battery production capacity in the world will be doubled. Improvements in production will make it possible to expand this capacity even further in the coming years.


With such a large production, battery prices will fall and therefore both high-margin and low-priced electric cars can be produced. Moreover, thanks to this factory, China, South Korea and Japan, which dominate the world in the production of li-ion pills will fall back to the US, that will rise to become the world’s leader in the battery, which is more important than petrol in the digital age, as it will exceed the battery capacity produced by other countries.



There are currently 2900 people in the factory. When done at full capacity, 3500-4000 workers will participate in production. In total, around 7,000 employees will work daily for the regular operation of this plant. The factory, which has now completed one third, will start to work at full capacity in 2017.


Every year, 500 thousand new Tesla automobiles


With the help of Gigafactory, Tesla will deliver 500,000 Model 3 cars by 2018. This will multiply the number of electric cars in the US and the world by doubling, and from 2018 almost 500,000 new Tesla electric cars will be produced each year. In other words, with Gigafactory, Tesla and their competitors will send millions of new electric cars to world motorways every year. Today it will be a very ordinary situation for a user with a petrol / diesel engine, a zero-model car, to own a zero or second hand electric car in 4-5 years.


In addition, the battery to be produced in Gigafactory will be used not only in automobiles, but also in products such as Powerwall that will operate houses with solar / wind energy. This will top the use of solar / wind energy primarily in the US and then in other developed countries, and the need for classical energy sources will diminish. In other words, the household will say goodbye to electricity bills. Electricity production will turn into clean energy from the fossil fuels.



The most important result of all of these is the end of the oil economy. Our automobiles will not need oil to work and our homes will not be covered by oil / coal-fired power plants. The industrial world will meet the electricity needs more and more cleanly, and for the countries that are rich by selling oil to the world, the golden age will come to an end. Petroleum derivatives will be used only in the development of industrial products, in the production of padded materials such as automobile tires.


It is also important to remember that Gigafactory is not the only one in the world. Other major states that realize the strategic value of battery production will also build their own Gigafactures and accelerate the transition from the petroleum economy to the production of clean electricity.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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