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Calculator on the Win 10 is wrong

Windows 10 | Calculator

Calculator on the Win 10 is wrong

It is known that PCs work with zeros and ones, as is the case with the Windows operating system. But it is a bit annoying, however, that Microsoft does not seem to be able to deliver a reliable working calculator. You could find it in the Windows 7 Start menu under All Programs / Accessories / Calculator. Alternatively, you could use the Windows-R and calc Command input. Windows 8 brought two on-board computers: the desktop app and its counterpart one within the tile area. For the raw version of the Windows 10, calc is a classic application; If you are using an updated Win10 Stand Anniversary Update though, the calc.exe calculator is only available in the app form.



All of the listed pocket calculator variants differ in that they fail the point-before-dash rule. In mathematics, the multiplication has to be carried out first in tasks such as 4 + 4 * 4; The result of this example is 20, but all pocket calculators in Windows spit a 32 out. The problem is twofold: once you type this task piecemeal, and if you copy the task and paste it with Ctrl-V, whether brackets are used or not, does not matter.



Even if it seems different in this context, Microsoft is not quite correct: In Windows, there are operating modes that deliver the correct results. Select View from the top left of the calculator and then either Scientific or Programmer. Both modes release new buttons and supplement the dot-before-dash rule. Using Alt-2 or Alt-3, you can switch keyboard-supported quickly into the modes. In the Windows 10 Universal app of the Pocket Calculator, click the icon with the three dashes (“Hamburger Icon”) at the top, then click Scientific or Programmer. In order to get correct output in the probably less heavily used Windows 8 app, click on the category Scientific after the call; The Alt-2 command also works in the Win8 app.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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