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“The people in Sweden understand what I mean”

Donald Trump

“The people in Sweden understand what I mean”

Donald Trump wants to start the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico faster than planned. The US president underpins his fundamental criticism of the media – and explains his Swedish statement.


Wall Construction, Sweden, Media Criticism and Nationalism: US President Donald Trump has announced a rapid implementation of his campaign promises at the CPAC Conservative Conference.



The construction of the Wall in Mexico should begin sooner than planned. “The bad people have to leave the country,” said the 70-year-old. “They were the people who stayed here without permission and who were criminals.” He also commented on his enigmatic comment on Sweden. In a speech in Florida, Trump recently said, “Look what happened last night in Sweden!” But that night, according to authorities, there were no special incidents. Trump explained: “I was very criticized about Sweden. But the people understand what I mean. Nobody reports about it. “He continued:” There were similar grievances in Germany and France. A friend of his had told him that he did not recognize Paris again.


That’s why he is “the number one priority” to look after the security of the Americans. If you do not leave any terrorists in the country, nothing happens.


“They have no sources, they think of them”


In addition, Trump renewed his criticism of the media. He insisted they would invent stories. “They have no sources. They just think.” The president is confronted with massive turmoil. From the White House, in the past few days, details of internal processes have been publicly invoked. Trump has been massively attacking the press for weeks. Last week, he went so far as to call the media “the enemy of the American people”. He also repeated this phrase in his speech on Friday.


The President also addressed a principle of freedom of the press on the front, source protection. “They should not be allowed to use sources unless they name someone’s name.” “Make the (anonymous) sources,” Trump demanded. Members of his government regularly ask not to be named by talking to reporters. He is not generally against the media, Trump asserted. “I’m just against the wrong media who invent false stories.” He loves good stories. But there are only a few of them.


“I represent the United States, not the globe”


Trump once again promised to take a rigorous approach to US policy in trade policy. “I represent the United States, not the globe,” Trump said. He announced to step out of multinational trade agreements, strengthen the US industry and increase armaments spending. Getting to other countries is “very important,” said Trump. But there is no such thing as a “global anthem, a global currency or a global flag”. But there is “a loyalty that unites us all,” and this is loyalty to the United States. Trumps speech was interrupted several times by “USA, USA!” – speaking chants.


“Our win was a win for all who believe it’s time for America to get up, for the American workers and the American flag,” said Trump. Through the veins of American citizens flowed the same blood of great patriots.


Bannon names the most important goals


The day before, chief strategist Stephen Bannon described the radical dismantling of the state as one of the top goals of the US government. The two other priorities are complex immigration and national security as well as trade. But the most important thing is to cut back the state.


Bannon, the architect of his politics, used the term “administrative state” to describe a system of taxation, regulation and international agreements. In his view, this prevents growth and violates personal sovereignty. It was not clear whether Bannon with the concept of “deconstruction” ultimately meant destruction. Bannon said the Cabinet members had all been selected for a specific reason: “And this is deconstruction.” Bannon describes himself as a radical thinker with a nationalist agenda.



The CPAC conference, on which Trump spoke, is held annually near Washington. The CPAC Association covers a wide range of conservative groups. This year, at the assembly, the hard core of the Trump affair was strongly represented, as the great jubilation for the President and members of his government team, the “Trump, Trump” speakers and the many hats with his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again “was to be measured.


Previously, Trump’s relationship to the dressing was rather cool. Last year, for example, the real estate mogul dismissed his participation in the meeting with reference to election campaigns.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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