Prey is the new BioShock that takes place on the space
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Prey is the new BioShock


Prey is the new BioShock

Aliens with teleportation skills in a beautiful space station: This is Bethesda’s stealth action game Prey. We, BrightTitan, could already plunge into the fight against the extraterrestrials.


The space station that the game is based on is not just a modern structure with white interior. Instead, there are splendid marble halls designed with red carpets, golden sculptures and glittering chandeliers and wood-paneled libraries. We would love to sit in the huge lobby on one of the surely super comfortable leather sofas and through the panoramic windows, view the moon that is directly in front of us and also the earth which is a bit further. Even if it is just a game: the sight is breathtaking. Only the aliens, we could gladly do without. In Prey, they are, of course, aliens as a part of the overall package. However: At the very beginning, we didn’t see any aliens at all. We start the action adventure with the choice between a male and a female main character. To the game, this decision, apart from some graphics, has no effects.



Then we wake up in 2032 in our apartment in San Francisco. The city has grown a bit, but still well recognizable. Prey takes place in an alternative timeline, which is not surprising considering the fact that the game is developed by the Arkane Studios (Dishonored). In this world, John F. Kennedy was not murdered and Americans and Russians are working peacefully together – among other things – on the research of extraterrestrial races. After a spectacular flight in a smart, wood-paneled helicopter, we land in a research lab to participate as Morgan Yu in some discreetly strange experiments. This is very amusingly staged until something bad happens: One of the scientists suddenly wonders what is wrong with his black coffee, and an alien jumps and kills him. What does happen at this point? We can and should not say what it is – if not even the publisher Bethesda, with whom we could play the title, had something against it. But the action of Prey has a really successful surprise to offer at this point, which each player should experience.


In any case, we find ourselves on the board of Thalos 1 and enjoy the view of the moon and the earth. The huge lobby serves as a so-called hub, which is something we return to again and again. We did not meet other living people there. But the first Mimic, the aliens. They can be remembered easily with their shadow body a bit of a mixture of Dementor and black rider and they have a few at least unsightly qualities and abilities. The Mimic can not only change their figure, but can also teleport and multiply through space. At the beginning we only have to deal with house-sized, four-legged specimens. A little later, we encountered a specimen about the size and shape of a human being – fortunately, we had a storm gun and shotgun. We would be surprised, however, if we did not encounter much larger monsters in the further course of the action.


A special weapon, which we also get relatively soon, is the Gloo Gun, which is a sort of immediately solidifying foam. This allows us to temporarily freeze the Mimic and thus can escape. In addition, we can build the foam stairs to reach otherwise unattainable projections. According to the developer, the Gloo Gun offers a few more possibilities, but we have not found out.



Somehow, in our part, we have found a few so-called neuromods. Among other things, we can expand the skills of Morgan Yu and shape it according to our ideas. With the Neuromods we can expand the skills in the talent trees science (chopping doors), engineer (self-shooting system and other) and security (more health). Later, there will be more talent trees, through which we can assume PSI skills as well as abilities of the aliens. This includes the ability to accept other characters. When playing, however, this was not yet possible.


The graphic of Prey is by the way based on the Cryengine and makes a great impression. A special highlight are the chicly animated aliens, but also the surroundings look beautiful and above all, interesting. Our expectations for the finished game have risen – whether they will be able to fulfilled starting from 5 May on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC show.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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