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TAG Heuer Connected | Review

TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer Connected | Review

We are starting to accept the smart watches in our lives more than ever. However, even in 2017, these products struggle with many issues as they are being replaced with the new models soon. Although the most loud breakthrough in the luxury smart clock area was made with the Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Edition could not go beyond than being a gold-plated version of an accessible device, so it did not attract much attention except for its astronomical price. Then, last year, Apple understood why the gold model failed so they replaced the gold material with a ceramic in the edition models.


TAG Heuer fills up this gap in the luxury smart watch segment with the Connected model which is based on the Carrera model from the design point of view. And it’s also true that Apple watch has a lot of “hours”. Although Apple Watch is very stylish, the appeal of TAG Heuer Connected is very different. First of all, the problem is that even now, it is so hard to buy the connected model even if you have $1,500 ready. When it was released, the situation was even worse, because in some cases, even the demo watches were sold. As of now, it is better, but still, is not as easy as buying an Apple Watch.



TAG Heuer Connected




TAG Heuer Connected has an extraordinarily charming design. But not to mention the box first. TAG Heuer Connected comes in a very transparent blue plastic box and comes with a stress ball. The stress ball was a clever use to add details to the box and prevent any damage to happen. If we compare the box with the Apple Watch box, the Apple Watch box creates a slightly more premium perception, but we like the box of TAG Heuer Connected. When viewed from a distance, the TAG Heuer Connected, which can be seen as one of the mechanical TAG Heuer watches, is separated from the mechanical watches by a thicker 12.8 mm casing.


Even though it looks thick, you notice that it is quite light when you take the watch. Although it provides comfort for this usage, it does not give enough feeling of quality. Users of premium mechanical watches will understand what we mean very well.



Apple Watch has a gender-proof design. It is even suitable for children’s use with a small body option. But TAG Heuer Connected is a complete male watch. TAG Heuer Connected puts forward its attitude by not trying to be directed at women. The hardened silicone belt with titanium locking mechanism has 7 different color options: red, black, white, yellow, blue, green and orange. We observed that the small triangular shaped cavities in the place where the timepiece was connected holds the dust. Perhaps a little detail, but if you are a little bit like us, you can immediately notice it in a few days of use. With its perforated design that offers a comfortable fit, the size of the belt, which prevents sweating, can be adjusted to any size.



Crystal Display


The 1.5-inch fully rounded LTPS LCD screen uses Android Wear’s advantages to keep Apple Watch out of the spotlight. So you see a sleek interface that reveals your brand identity at any moment, instead of a black body that is off all day. We were expecting the display to be at a higher resolution with a 360 x 360 and 240 ppi. At this point, TAG Heuer Connected is behind Apple Watch and Huawei Watch.





The “crown” on the side does not turn as we are used to from Apple Watch – or even from all mechanical watches. You can only use this key to press to turn the screen on and off and return to the main screen. Android Wear also has a big impact on this limited use, and we think that this stylish key could add a lot more talent. The back of the watch is plastic. Obviously, we could hardly accept the backside of a device with a $ 1,500 price tag as plastic. Unfortunately there is no heart rhythm sensor to wait to see here.


If you are looking for a stylish smart watch you may not care much, but if you want to use the watch while doing sports, you can feel the lack of a heart rhythm sensor


You do not need to protect TAG Heuer Connected against water splashes, which is resistant to water with IP67 certification, but you will have to remove the watch when you enter the pool.


We kept the worst thing that could be said about design at last. TAG Heuer Connected’s recharge is a total disaster. Especially if you have used the Apple Watch charger or have had the chance to try it, then you may have a big disappointment. You need to adjust the reverse of the clock so that you can match the pins each time and there is a slot that you need to sit in the clock beyond. It is a useless design in every direction. The only good thing is that the charger can be plugged and unplugged easily. From here you can use any micro USB cable. As you know, the Apple Watch charger does not come with a cable, and when you carry a tiny one, you also carry an unnecessary length cable like a tail.



Developed by TAG Heuer, Google and Intel, TAG Heuer Connected is powered by a dual-core Intel processor running at 1.6 GHz, with 1 GB of RAM and 410 mAh of premium quality. TAG Heuer Connected has 4 GB of memory. Intel’s processor is doing its job properly. We can say that we are not experiencing any latency or performance issues with voice or touch touch controls and with gestures.


Working with the Android Wear operating system, TAG Heuer Connected does exactly the same things you can do with  all other Android Wear smartwatches.


It would be unfair to expect more. The advantage of this is that it offers a seamless and fluid experience. The disadvantage is that it does not have a feature that will stand out compared to affordable competitors because it creates the same feeling of any other smartwatch. In other words, the interfaces that supposed to make you feel special in use  do not offer any additional features other than specially developed applications. It is unfortunately not possible to make a phone call as it is on the Apple Watch.


The TAG Heuer 410 mAh battery delivers full-day battery performance. Although it has an open screen at any moment, it completes a day, maybe even a little more comfortably. We can say that we are quite satisfied with TAG Heuer Connected’s battery.



TAG Heuer Connected


Watch Faces


TAG Heuer Connected is trying to get to the foreground with specially designed clock interfaces. The clock comes with four different preloaded clock interfaces. GMT, Chronograph, and the traditional three-armed clock interface. These interfaces are designed to resemble mechanical TAG Heuer watches from a distance. Clocks designed by TAG Heuer Connected also offer micro-applications such as stopwatches and alarms. In addition to the preloaded interfaces, there are intelligent clock interfaces developed by TAG Heuer brand ambassadors like Cristiano Ronaldo. These interfaces are also specially designed for the TAG Heuer Connected.





Google Play is now full of Android Wear apps, but it is hard to find a good application. When you think of big companies like Apple Watch, this area also says “I am there”, but sometimes the quality difference makes me confronted with the compatibility issues. On some occasions we are confronted with successful applications. Due to the large number of applications, it is possible to find an application that will meet your requirements. Android Wear comes preloaded with calendar, Hangouts, Maps and Google Fit apps. These are working exactly as we expected.


Since TAG Heuer Connected comes with Android Wear operating system, it is naturally compatible with all Android smartphones, but it has the latest version of Android Wear and can also work with iOS 8.2 and above. So if you own an iPhone, you can have the TAG Heuer Connected. But if you have an iPhone, you can not have as advanced an experience as on an Android smartphone, unfortunately. You can view all the notifications that come in, but unfortunately with TAG Heuer Connected you are not able to respond to them or interact with them as you would in Apple Watch.


There is also a special Bundesliga application for TAG Heuer Connected. The Bundesliga application developed by DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) will only be available with TAG Heuer Connected until the end of 2015/16 season. The application, which displays the live scores of the Bundesliga matches, is specially optimized for the TAG Heuer Connected and designed to fit the stylish timepiece design. Details such as circuit breaks, player changes, goals, referee decisions and penalty cards seen by the players come alive in the application.





The first question that comes to mind when you take a smart watch is “What will I do when the new one comes out?” Think about your purchase of an Apple Watch with a steel case and you have paid around $800 with a stylish strap option. What will happen when Apple Watch 3 comes out? That’s where TAG Heuer Connected leaves Apple Watch. TAG Heuer Connected’s unexpressed but most interesting point is that it will not lose its value. Let us explain; You can replace TAG Heur Connected, which you bought at $ 1,500, with a mechanical Carrera at any TAG Heuer shop around the world, counting again at $ 1,500 at the end of two years. It’s not misleading because TAG Heuer Connected gives you the chance to make a change, not just for $ 1,500, but keeps the smart watch value you bought back at the same price. You can get a $ 1,500 plus a mechanical TAG Heuer watch worth $ 3,000.



If you are planning on taking a mechanical watch in the future, and you are likely to be branded TAG Heuer, you may consider TAG Heuer Connected as the first installment of the clock. If you save the remaining 1,500 dollars in the next two years, you will have a nice mechanical watch without forcing your budget in one go. TAG Heuer Connected becomes even more attractive for those who only want to buy a TAG Heuer mechanical watch on this vantage point. We think that this is enough for TAG Heuer Connected sales.



Technicial Specifications



  • 46 mm


  • 12.8 mm


  • 52 gram casing, 29 gram strap


  • Titanium Grade 2, IP67 protection


  • Sapphire crystal, 1.5 “, LTPS LCD

Screen resolution

  • 360 × 360 pixels, 240 ppi


  • 410 mAh, 25 hours usage


  • 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel processor


  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB storage


  • Gyroscope, motion detection, microphone, haptic engine


  • Android 4.3+ / iOS 8.2+


  • Bluetooth BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 B / G / N


  • $ 1,500



Why & Why not?


Why: High material quality, stylish design, battery life


Why not: Missing apps from Android Wear, no heart rhythm sensor, relatively high price



Score 8.6

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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