You pay for Donald Trump's trips, and yes, that is for real.
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Trump’s lifestyle is a nightmare for Taxpayers

Donald Trump Family

Trump’s lifestyle is a nightmare for Taxpayers

Ten million dollars alone for the last three golf weekends: America’s First Family is challenging. Everywhere, wherever the Trump go, costly measures are taken at the expense of citizens.


It has not been long since Donald Trump has left Barack Obama over the “golfing tourist”. He explains that as president he would rarely leave the White House for hard work. Now it has been just a month in the office and he has already spent three weekends in his Floridian golf club Mar-a-Lago.



But this has nothing to do with vacationing, spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told the Washington Post: Trump always works, even if he is not in Washington. “The president works nonstop every day of the week, no matter where he is.” So, of course, he was “working” while he played golf on the last Sunday morning in the sunshine of Florida.


Now, even a president needs some recovery, whether he’s called Obama or Trump. But the emerging frequent flights with the Air Force One into the “Winter White House” in Palm Beach are expensive. According to the “Washington Post”, the three Mar-a-Lago-Trips have already costed a lot for the taxpayers since Trump’s swearing in January 20 – mainly because of the protective measures they have taken.


And that’s not all. America’s new First Family is unusually large – and its lifestyle is far more luxurious and more elaborate than the ordinary mortal. There is the New York Trump Tower with its penthouse, and the house in Washington, where daughter Ivanka and Jarred Kushner just moved with their three children just to be very close to the president. These are the domiciles of the families of Donald Jr. and Eric – and all the business travels of these two adult presidents, to whom Father Trump has transferred the management of his business empire.


500,000 dollars for the Trump Tower – per day


They are all entitled to personal protection, and wherever they are, logistical preparations, which have been laundered, are required by the communities concerned. Already, it is clear that Trump’s lifestyle is costing hundreds of millions of dollars to the US taxpayers, according to the Washington Post. This leaves the general criticism by the Republicans for the annual Obama holiday trips – in the summer after Martha’s Vineyard and at Christmas to Hawaii – faded.


According to the Washington Post, the city of New York is spending about $ 500,000 a day to protect the Trump Tower. The Palm Beach district will pay tens of thousands for every day that Trump is staying there: the cost of additional security and transport is high.


Recently, the newspaper reported that a brief business trip of the son Eric Trump to Uruguay costed $ 100,000 for personal services from the Secret Service and for supporting embassy staff. The reason for the trip to a seaside resort: the construction of a trump-skyscraper with owner-occupied apartments.


Those Republicans who have come to Obama’s holidays are silent on these practices. This, despite the fact that the President has presented himself as a savings champion in the election campaign, is because he wants to go against the waste of tax money. Money is intended mainly to be put into the infrastructure and in the promotion of jobs. The question is how many of the promised millions of new jobs will actually be created at the end. It is a question mark if you can certify him: the Secret Service is secured after taking over the office for an extended period of time. But with proper stress.


“It is a monumental task”


The protection of the Trump family, including the globetrotting son Eric, is already pushing the “Washington Post” into its boundaries, secret service veteran Jonathan Wackrow, who has worked for the personal protection service for 14 years, said. He speaks of a “monumental task” that the strain is simply overwhelming. In Washington, New York, Florida, and on long-distance trips: “It’s a logistical nightmare,” Wackrow says.



Criticism is for the business trips of the family. In the end, they say that the taxpayers will pay the expenses to make the Trump organization richer – and thus Donald Trump. He has transferred his sons only the to the management, but not to the possession. The liberal magazine “The Atlantic” also speaks of indirect state subsidies for the Trump empire – and a new proof of the various conflicts of interest of this president.


For example, his son flew to the Dominican Republic with personal security officers recently to talk about the possible construction of a Trump luxury holiday resort. Last weekend, few members of his family were on business in Dubai, and furthermore, at the end of the month, another Trump skyscraper will be opened in Vancouver, Canada. Probably Trump then can spent another working weekend in Mar-a-Lago.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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