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Nintendo Switch is overrated

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is overrated

Nintendo’s future was not clear. In the past, it was the first company that would come to our minds when we think of mobile gaming, but as mobile phones made it possible for us to play our games everywhere, their revenue decreased. However, Switch saved them. The company, which achieved a sales success with its impressive hybrid console switch, continues to sell thousands of units despite the problems it had with the console. What was the reason behind Switch selling up to stocks? Let’s discuss this topic a bit.


There is an interesting story about the success of Square Enix’s successful series, Final Fantasy. Square Enix was ​​making a new game with a final vigor in a bad period when they would declare bankruptcy, and gave it the name Final Fantasy. As a matter of fact, this series succeeds in returning the firm from a non-returnable path. The situation for Nintendo is not the same, of course, but the company that announced the loss for the past year has reported a decrease of 31.3 percent compared to the same period in 2015. Wii U’s sales were down by 53 percent compared to 2015, while Nintendo 3DS’s sales fell by 7 percent, as well as the hardware part of the company. In the software part, the situation was not bad, but it was not good either. As a result, Nintendo needed to do something. We can say that they have managed to create a Final Fantasy effect with the Switch.



After Wii U


We all know that Nintendo failed with the Wii U, but do you know how bad they have failed. Well, Wii U was the least selling gaming console with 13.56 million ( of course among the products made by well known manufacturers ). There are many reasons for this, of course, from marketing to design to order. But this great failure of Nintendo has also been a lesson for the next step of the company.


One of the problems with the Nintendo consoles is the inability to distinguish the consoles from their predecessors. The naming is not helping in this matter at all. Take 3DS as an example. Following the Nintendo 3DS, the new Nintendo 3DS does not show that the console came with a much more powerful hardware than before. On the other hand, PS3, PS4 and PS4 Pro are just as easy to name devices by power sequencing. If this is the case, the New Nintendo 3DS will not be able to offer a “big” difference in terms of design or hardware, and the decline in sales will be inevitable. The same goes for Wii and Wii U. Especially when the device was not well explained to the end user, it caused the whole thing to remain in the shadows. Following the sales success of the Wii, the Wii U was upside down. Indeed, Nintendo announced at the beginning of this year that it ended production of Wii U in Japan.


The Nintendo Switch is almost a step away from the company’s shaking and changing jobs. The switch looks like a console that Nintendo actually wanted to do with Wii I but couldn’t do. It’s a much better Wii U. As a result, the idea of making a hybrid console seems not to be so bad, although the radical choices in design pose a big risk to Nintendo. But wait a minute, Wii U was also hybrid? That’s exactly the point. The Nintendo Switch has a much more intelligent design that the Wii U, and a much more free field. In addition, the company did a decent job to demonstrate what the user can do with the console by avoiding misunderstandings and introducing the device properly.


First of all, the thick skin of the Wii U is thinned. When you take out the device, you get rid of the heavy, terrible piece you need to carry around. A much more well thought out control knob is designed. When connected to the TV, a dock was provided to keep it more compact. The company also didn’t put unnecessary details like a stylus. So Nintendo corrected everything that was wrong with Wii U and created the Switch. Besides, they didn’t make a console that seemed so boring. Even though the body of the console only comes in the color black, its controllers can be chosen as grey or red and blue. In the future, we are even promised to see controllers with Pokemın and Mario artworks.


Power of the Ads


It’s hard to say that Nintendo has followed a successful advertising policy on Wii U. But with the Switch, the lesson that it gets from this situation is obvious. Switch’s promotional activity included YouTube publishers, especially those with a lot of influence over teenagers. Of course, Casey Neistat, iJustine and that kind of  high-impact YouTube publishers have taken videos on the event and published it on the internet. Another plus was that they explained very well what the device is and what it can do. In addition to YouTube publishers who experience the device directly in the event space, it is clearly shown that the Switch can do the presentation. This allows people to create the right expectations from the console. Of course, the excitement for a console that is so different in terms of design after the introduction promotion and which shapes itself according to the personal usage habits becomes inevitable.


After the console was released, it was sent to YouTube publishers, and the excitement created on behalf of the console continued to feed on the videos. Neistat and iJustine, as well as many YouTubers did reviews and box opening videos.


Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling gaming console in the Nintendo’s history. The statistics of the sales for the first two days have already turned into a success for the company. This title belonged to Wii before Switch. Wii was offered for sale in 2006, so it would not be wrong to say that the company has not been so interested in the hardware side for 11 years. After two weeks, Nintendo’s stocks, which reached 1.5 million sales, almost melted down. The fact that the device is nowhere to be found also causes unofficial distributors to sell the device at exorbitant prices.



There is a small detail in the sales figures of the Nintendo Switch. According to the research done, each of the 10 Switch users got Zelda’s new game. Nobody will be surprised at this point if Breath of the Wild is also the Nintendo’s best selling catch-up game. Of course, we are talking about Zelda which triggers the sales of the console, but they ( both the console and the game ) trigger sales of each other. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only available for the Switch and Wii U. It is hard to say that Wii U owners are an effective majority. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only game that is hand held during the exit phase of the switch. Instead of playing on the Wii U, which also got the new Zelda game, which is no longer produced for Japan, majority prefer to buy a new generation console to play it. At the same time, Switch users already have Zelda as their primary game alternative. Thus, the two titles were able to make a positive impact on each other’s sales.


Of course Nintendo has a situation that should not be forgotten. One of the biggest problems of Wii U was lack of content. When the number of sales was low, the developers lost interest and the console was sentenced to failure. Switch has also announced that it cooperates with many other major game companies like Wii U. However, the number of games that have been watching since its release is still not convincing. Fortunately for the switch, which attracts attention with its number of sales, the developers are also very excited. However, if Nintendo plans to reach 2 million Switch sales later this month, and if there is stagnation or decline in sales in the future, this will affect game developers as well.



For now, Nintendo has no such concerns and decided to double its production. The future of Netflix and similar online broadcast applications is also being talked about. And if it succeeds in quickly responding to hardware problems, it is not even the case that Switch is a long-time successful console.


Long story short, they learned from their own mistakes, corrected them, and came up with a good conclusion. In the future, the decisions of the company will play a crucial role in the success of the consortium. Time will tell if the switch’s hardware is the one you need.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

  • Gadget Man

    Yes it is overrated, the system is very cool looking for the kiddies who will buy one and different from the other consoles but that’s about it.

    6. May 2017 at 10:25 am Reply

    In order to raise the overall price of its petty console, Nintendo always makes buyers to pay for their ridiculous gimmicks. Come on, seriously. HD Rumble? How many potential Nintendo games will actually need such an useless feature?

    25. May 2017 at 9:33 am Reply

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