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Best TV Show of the week: Westworld


Best TV Show of the week: Westworld

We continue our “what to watch next” series with Westworld, which is among the best science fiction series ever. Therefore, we can say that we would not be able to offer it easily.



The series, which takes viewers to a whole new world, is set for HBO, which we often refer to with the Game of Thrones by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The story basically dates back to the world created by Michael Crichton. The story that Crichton carries to the white screen with the same name in 1973 is reinterpreted from a modern point of view.


After the technical information, we want to talk about Westworld’s cast, because the series has a master name like Anthony Hopkins in the world who is accompanied by a team of talented names. These include Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jimmi Simpson, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, and Ben Barnes.


Welcome to the Westworld


Westworld, which takes place in a near future, was originally an amusement park name. This amusement park consists entirely of robots with artificial intelligence, and is designed for the people who want to experience the wild west of the 1800s. When they arrive they are fully welcomed by robots with human look, speech and behavior. These robots naturally behave like normal people and believe they live in a real world. The real purpose is to create a safe, different and realistic environment where people can have fun.



Anyone with enough financial resources to come to the Westworld are being offered a chance to live a different life. This different life, even for a short time, allows people to discover themselves, surrender to their most primitive and dangerous inner powers, because there is no limit here. You can choose to be a bad guy or a good one. Whether you want to pursue a criminal offense with the sheriff or not, you can choose to kill someone without any reason. The best thing about the park is that you do not have to take responsibility for anything you do.


The World of Android


We talked about people who wanted to go to Westworld and feel free until now, but the actual hero of this story are not the humans, but instead are the androids. The first name that attracts us to the town of Sweetwater is Dolores. We learn what it’s like to live in this “amusement park” over it. These robots with artificial intelligence are programmed to forget the living. If they are not involved in a continuing story, their memories are deleted. So they forget all the horrible events that have happened to them, and start every day from scratch and happily.


On the basis of the story is  questioning reality and the complex of God. Dolores wakes up again and again in the same day without questioning the world she lives in. So it makes it clear that Westworld is a place.


Creator of Everything: Dr. Robert Ford


In the background of Westworld lies a whole new world. A gigantic team is working to keep everything going smoothly. Robots that are broken, routinely out or have trouble are shot in the background. They are repaired, reprogrammed, and if they get better, they start to serve again in the park. There is a system set up for everything to go perfectly. But this great world has a creator: Robert Ford, who Anthony Hopkins gave life to.


God’s complex is being processed through Doctor Ford. In the world he creates, he makes every effort to make everything go as he wants. Therefore, he is not showing kindness to anyone on his path. His cold attitude and his piercing gaze are lining up a totally different atmosphere. Bernard is in a sense his right arm. The team is trying to solve all kinds of problems. However, different names investing the Westworld, disagreements in the board, and divisions within the team show that there are in fact many problems in the park.


Evil of the Story: Man in Black


As in every story, Westworld has a mysterious evil. The name is not originally announced, but because of the black dress, the character is called Man in Black who is in search of a different level within Westworld. He’s looking for a labyrinth where no one has arrived yet so that he can solve his mystery. This man who does not recognize the border is following his clues to reach the maze. He does not set a limit to get the information he wants. The fact that Android is forgetting everything makes it a little easier.



To summarize briefly, Westworld offers a different perspective on the lives of robots equipped with artificial intelligence in an artificial environment created by humans. It does not just describe the problems that advanced technology will bring with it, it successfully addresses the moral dilemmas of god complex and artificial intelligence. It is among the productions that technology and science fiction lovers should never miss. Lastly, remember that Westworld, which has completed its first season, will return to the screens in 2018. It’s already looking good.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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