This is DJI’s most expensive drone

At the very beginning of this year, DJI bought the majority of the shares of Hasselblad. Since then, it has been a great curiosity to see what the partnership of the two big companies will bring. Developing some products together did not make a serious breakthrough until this time. After a long wait, the step that we all expected was finally taken.



Having the world’s first 100 megapixel resolution drone with camera, this device is essentially a combination of several different parts. DJI’s top-level drone, the M600, consists of the Ronin MX gimbal and the H6D-100C Hasselblad camera. Introduced at the NAB industry conference, the drone is entirely top-quality and targets professionals. It is stated that scenery and artistic shootings can be performed with this drone. The camera, with 53.4 millimeters x 40.0 millimeters of light, ensures that no details are missed. With rich colors, the camera makes it possible to record high-quality video even in low-light environments.



The┬áM600 drone is sold for 3,799 dolars. However, the combination of this drone with the HD6-100C camera will raise the price although we don’t know how much. But this system is thought to have a price higher than 30 thousand dollars. Release date and price information is expected to be clarified soon.

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