Lynk & Co o3

Lynk & Co has a new sedan

For the first time at the Shanghai Auto Show, the model that will meet with curiosity has important signals for the future of the Lynk & Co.



In the past week, Lynk & Co, which was created as a result of the partnership between Geely and Volvo have shared the details of its sedan model, which is scheduled to launch in the near future, with the first official details of the electric concept car to be brought to the Shanghai Auto Show with its futuristic design. The company is entering the sedan class with its new model, 03, after introducing its SUV, o1 in the last year.  The technical details of the model are still not revealed, but that is not the case with its the design.


Lynk & Co o3


Volvo’s modular vehicle platform CMA is being used at 03 which carries the design lines from the company’s SUV model 01 introduced in October . The front part is rather bulky and the LED lighting which is preferred in the vertical position in this design and is kept high is rather small compared to the body. On the back side we see that 01 uses exactly the same individual moonlighting from the 03. It is necessary to talk about an important technological infrastructure before going into the internal structure of the model. This infrastructure is the vehicle sharing system that Mercedes is emphasizing in the introduction of the electric EQ concept. Users who have this medium using a multimedia system developed with Microsoft and Alibaba partnership can share the sedan with other users through the developed intelligent application. It is also important to remember that this sharing system and application are also recognized within the organization.



The cockpit design, including the driver’s display, is similar to the multimedia display 01 at the center of the vehicle, which is predominantly electronic, with a size of 10 inches. The steering wheel is similar in design in this part where the black color dominates the leather upholstery. Exact power units from the o1  SUV are expected to be offered in this model as well. That means three and four cylinders, 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter engines. The small-volume model had a power of 180 horsepower (with the exception of the electric motor) and a big engine option of 270 horsepower. 03, which will meet its users for the first time at the Shanghai Auto Show that will open its doors on April 21, seems to be an ambitious member of the sedan market.



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