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Microsoft is bigger than Apple

Apple may be the most valuable company in the world, but Microsoft is expected to pass it by now and reach a trillion dollar value.


Apple reached a total value of $ 700 billion in February 2015, breaking a record in history. But that did not take too long, and with the fall in Apple shares, the company’s value went down to $ 615 billion.



Market experts now believe that the company, which can reach $ 1 trillion in value in the world, may be Microsoft. With that in mind, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn, which will have 700 million users in 2020. There is a expectation that LinkedIn will increase its value with the dynamism provided by LinkedIn.


Microsoft, who bought LinkedIn for $ 60 per user, is seen as the most advantageous company among its competitors. One user costs $ 218 to Facebook. As a result, they seemed to be more advantageous in terms of growth.


The company values ​​today are as follows:

Apple $ 617 Billion
Alphabet $ 548 Billion
Microsoft $ 492 Billion
Amazon $ 359 Billion
Facebook $ 333 Billion



Within this list, the American software is being showed as the first company to reach $ 1 trillion by multiplying its share values. Because Apple has a navy affiliate by developing new hardwares and marketing them which is not as easy as Microsoft. They are a much more flexible company that is focused on writing entirely, developing new products.

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