Volkswagen Polo ( using the Arteon lines )

This might be the new Polo

The design of the Polo, which was caught without camouflage in the past days, is disappointing, and the Arteon plug-in made by an independent developer probably includes all the lines to meet all expectations.




We are one step closer to the day of the official introduction of the new sixth generation Volkswagen Polo, which we saw camouflaged in the test in South Africa in March. With the new version, Volkswagen will be releasing the model on a new platform which is named as AO and will be used in the new Fabia nd Ibiza as well.  The design for the model, which we share with you in the past, gives us the details of future improvements in suspension, length and width, axle distance, luggage volume and interior living space, and the camouflage-free appearance promises a step further.




The Polo design concept, which was designed using the Arteon’s lines by a designer named Kleber Silva instead of Volkswagen’s CC, reveals that the compact segment is also quite suitable. The 2018 Volkswagen Polo will be in full swing at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will open its doors in September.

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