Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Note 8 will have a dual camera

After the official introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S8, our attention is already turned to the Galaxy Note 8. It appears that the next Note phone is coming although Note 7 was a disaster that affected both the series itself and the company.The concept work that is being done, sheds light on which features we might see on the Galaxy Note 8.



Samsung always knows how to carry the sidelines a little further up through the year with the Note series. Earlier in the year, the company which shows off with the Galaxy S intensifies the competition over the next few months with the Note series. With Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this year, it is expected for Samsung to solve the problems on the Galaxy S8 and give S-Pen new features. In the published concept work, a design quite similar to the Galaxy S8 at the front meets us. This design seems to fit in with the fact that Samsung does not radically change the design between the S and Note series in general.



At the back is the expected double-camera for the Galaxy Note 8, which was supposed to actually be on the Galaxy S8. The concept device, which has a huge screen of 6.4 inches, has a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen. The phone is very thin, so it is a question mark if it is possible to put such features in this body. Unfortunately, this question mark has not been answered in the concept study. You can see a concept image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that gives an idea of ​​how it might look.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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