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Samsung admits its mistake

Samsung Galaxy S8 ( OIS )

Samsung admits its mistake

A feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to receive negative reviews from the critics. Now, we know that Samsung was aware of this situation from the beginning.


Samsung’s eye-catching new flagship Galaxy S8’s first comments from users prove that it met the expectations. However, those  experienced Samsung Galaxy S8 for a while have been obsessed with a single point about the design of the Galaxy S8 since its introduction: the location of the fingerprint sensor.



Gelen ilk yorumlara göre; kameranın yanında, onunla aynı hizada bulunan parmak izi sensörü, sağ elle kullanımda sensör sol tarafa yakın olduğu için ulaşılması garip hissettiren, sol elle kullanımda ise solak olmadığınız sürece ulaşılması neredeyse imkansız bir pozisyonda yer alıyor.

According to the first comments; The fingerprint sensor that is aligned with the camera is in an almost impossible position to reach if you are using the phone with your left hand, but if you are not left-handed. Otherwise, if you are right handed it feels strange to use it as it is close to the left side of the phone. More importantly, since the fingerprint sensor was positioned so close to the camera lens, the sensor was vulnerable to staining, especially with dirty / greasy fingers while the user is trying to reach it. It is not a pleasant process for any user to create a muscle memory in the form of “touching the camera lens”, which requires the user to be alert to touch the camera lens when trying to reach the sensor while holding the phone with one hand.


According to a review by Android Central, Samsung was aware of this design problem from the very beginning. Because in the operating system, there is a pop-up message that warns the user occasionally to clear the Galaxy S8’s camera lens, and says: “A clean lens makes for better shots. Clean your camera lens to keep taking great pictures”.
Although this is a useful reminder for camera addicts, this warning is not as innocent as useful. This is because the Galaxy S8 only gives this warning if the user has turned on the fingerprint sensor from the settings Samsung knew from the beginning that it was impossible to use the fingerprint sensor without contamination of the camera lens.



This pop-up message received considerably more reactions than critics, aroused by controversy and sympathy. This is not a risk for Samsung’s Galaxy S8, but rather a planned move. In an introduction to the Galaxy S8, technology writer Gordon Kelly, who asked Samsung representatives why the fingerprint sensor was next to the camera, received a “symmetrical response” from the representatives. Form rather than a classic function preference.


Fortunately, the only way you can work without entering a password to unlock the Galaxy S8 is not with the fingerprint sensor. Face recognition and iris scanner are waiting for users who do not want to worry about keeping their camera clean.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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