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How Trump predicted Sweden attack?

Sweden Riot Burned Cars

How Trump predicted Sweden attack?

Donald Trump spoke of incidents in Sweden that never existed. A few days later, young people are throwing stones in the center of Stockholm. The American public remains the same.


A few days ago, Donald Trump claimed something as nonspecifically as possible: “Look what happened last night in Sweden.” The US President said this to create an apparent link between immigration and terrorist attacks. A few days later something happened in Sweden.



In the night of Tuesday, there was unrest in the suburbs of Stockholm. Young people attacked policemen with stones, set cars on fire and plundered shops Rinkeby, which is known as the majority is the migrant. The cause of the riots was the arrest of a suspected drug criminal.


Conciling these two anecdotes to a quick conclusion would be too easy, and it is no longer possible to grand Trump a chance coincidence in hindsight. He had previously attempted to put his words in a context after he had been criticized worldwide. The US president later referred to a “Fox News” report. It addressed the problems of refugee crime in Sweden.


“Sweden has problems with Middle East refugees”


But because they are so close together in time, Trump’s assertion and the turmoil of Tuesday raise questions among the Americans, and theo American media came to the rankings. The “Washington Post” once again devoted itself to the documentary that Fox had broadcasted. In this, they interviewed with two Swedish police officers to form a basis for the film, which comes from the conservative film producer Ami Horowitz.


The two men said that their quotations had been torn out of context. One of the policemen, Anders Göranzon, said that in the interview, he had only answered questions about places with high crime. He didn’t blame the “immigrants”. “We were shocked. He (filmmaker Horowitz, the editor) has edited the answers, “said Göranzon. “We have answered quite different questions in the interview” than he did in the film, he says. Horowitz then defended his work in the “Guardian”.


The Washington Post also reported that several Swedish criminologists had reported to the newspaper since Trump. They pointed out that it was overstated to blame immigrants for a large proportion of crime in Sweden.


“Fox News”, on the other hand, emphasized that a few hours after sharp comments from Sweden’s official Twitter account (“Hey Don, we’re okay”) the riots had started. Conservative New York Post columnist Rich Lowry even gave the comment “Sweden still has problems with Middle East refugees”.


30 percent of the detainees have a migration background


According to statistics, the number of criminal acts in Sweden declined in 2016 compared with the previous year. The nationality of the perpetrators is not recorded in the statistics. It was only from where the perpetrators came, who were sitting in an investigation. The latest figures are from 2015, since 30 percent of the detainees had a migration background.


The Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” also analyzed crime statistics between October 2015 and January 2016. The result: refugees were responsible for only one percent of all criminal incidents in Sweden.



In 2015, Sweden accounted for the largest number of refugees in the European Union. Nearly 163,000 people came from asylum seekers, 70 percent of whom came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Scandinavian country has been monitoring its borders since January 2016. Anyone traveling on ferries, buses, cars or trains to the country must expect passport checks.


Since the middle of 2016, a law has also restricted the possibility of a residence permit. The right to family reunion has also been limited. After Sweden had previously had one of the most liberal asylum rights, the red-green government in Stockholm now temporarily follows EU minimum standards in refugee policy.

Jack Goodman

Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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