Motorola is making its own Tablet

Motorola seems to be working on its first tablet after more than five years. According to Android Police, this tablet will have a luxurious look and feel, which will have a screen size of 9 to 10 inches. The site also posted a single photograph of the screen of this device as evidence.



Actually, the photo does not put much here, but shows a version of the multitasking functionality. This feature is called “productivity mode” and allows applications to run side-by-side. Still running apps are shown below the screen, on a black strip next to Android’s navigation buttons. In this case, the area becomes a dock, which is a smart way to take advantage of the additional display area.


Motorola Android Tablet Leak


It’s a little surprising to see Motorola enter the tablet area again after a certain period of time. The tablet market is generally well-behaved, and there have never been Android tablets that are very popular. With Apple releasing the $399¬†iPad, it was even harder to get a tablet that was interesting on the Android side.


However, the tablet market is still growing, according to research firm IDC, although shipments of “removable” tablets, including first-class removable keyboards such as the iPad Pro, are increasing despite the popularity of traditional tablets losing popularity. With the big screen, productivity functions and the so-called luxury look, it is possible for Motorola to make a right shot with this new device.



It will probably be easier for Motorola to return to the tablet market. Lenovo has not left the Android tablet market yet, but they¬†made a pretty attractive option last year. Connecting Motorola’s design philosophy with Lenovo’s existing engineering capabilities can make interesting work.

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