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Windows 10 Creators Update 2: Features

Microsoft Surface Laptop & Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update 2: Features

Microsoft has announced the next major update called Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This update will provide better desktop and mobile integration, support for VR and many other new technologies. Announced in the Build 2017 Conference, the update aims to make the lives of creators even easier as the name suggests. Below you will find the most important features for the major update expected in the fall.


Like the previous one, this update will also be presented with a name that includes “Creators”. The Microsoft Fall Creators Update describes the update in a way that will bring a variety of tools and methods that will make it easier for users to put themselves and their content into context. The most important innovation will be a brand new application called Windows Story Remix. This Universal Windows Application will be distributed via Windows Store, allowing users to create “stories” from photos, videos and other content.



Although Microsoft already has a movie editing application, this new software will automate some of the work. For example, it will smartly add themes with background music and cinematic transitions. Remix 3D objects can be added to both photos and videos. Also, if you have a device with Windows Ink support, you will be able to draw on the screen and share it later. Ink texts can be fixed to different people or objects, then they can be moved in a way that follows the image in the cradle. The basic idea in this application is to reduce the intervention of the user as much as possible. Story Remix recognizes the best moments in the clubs, for example, detecting moments when people smile or laugh, then shuffle those parts. The video defines what people are and then allows them to be identified as “heroes”. The videos can be remixed as these people are at the focal point of the video. Likewise, if you prefer, you can also make more granular arrangements. For example, if you have a piece of music that you like, you can make everything else automatically set up accordingly.


Once upon a time we’d do everything on a computer. Now, this has changed and Microsoft is aiming to keep up with this new trend with the system it calls Fluent Design System. This new generation design system is a new method developed to easily create different device experiences that fit seamlessly with different screen shapes and sizes. It helps applications run right on variety of devices ranging from phones, tablets, laptops to large-screen desktop PCs. However, the Streamlined Design System is not limited to screens. It will also include devices that do not have a screen, such as wearable products or smart speakers that work with Cortana. Microsoft says the Fluent Design System will support different input methods, such as touching, drawing, speaking, looking or moving, as well as data entry with traditional keyboard and mouse.



Let’s say you are doing research on the internet and have opened many web pages. However, this has resulted in a significant expenditure of system memory in your computer, and you have to shut down some tapes. Microsoft’s Timeline feature will work in such cases. You will be able to view any element that you are working on or were working on in the past using a simple calendar-like timeline. This also works in applications and files.


The advent of Windows on the phone is not going well, and it can even be said that it has reached the point of exhaustion. If you look around today, you will see that most people use an iPhone or an Android phone. Microsoft has a stacked application running on these platforms, and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will take the integration forward with the help of Microsoft Graph. It is a service that includes your contacts, chats and projects alongside with  all of your content stored in the cloud. With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update update, all of these elements will be at a better level of use and will not make a difference which device you are using. To begin with, Microsoft has a feature supported by the virtual assistant Cortana, which the company calls “Stay Alone”. If you turn off your PC, the document you are working on will be uploaded to your phone or tablet so you can continue working while editing.


Cortana, on the other hand, will ask you whether you want to continue using the application, document, or website you last used. As a result, the experience you will get from the Microsoft’s products will be similar to Android phones, iPhones or iPads.


Apple’s Continuity feature makes it possible to share the copy board between iOS and MacOS devices. A similar feature now comes to Microsoft’s platform, and cross-platform support is also available. In principle, you can easily paste any object you copied on your Windows 10, iOS or Android device to another device. Microsoft says the service supports photos, text, animated GIFs, map links, and more.


Cloud storage can grow to a very large size, but local storage is often limited. Microsoft’s OneDrive Files feature, called On-Demand, aims to reduce the amount of files users need to download before they can work. This is accomplished by opening the documents or contents while they are still stored away. In fact, similar to the Infinity Drive feature of Dropbox, downloading a file to a computer is just a matter of time when you need to work offline. Otherwise, it will be possible to navigate through Windows Explorer in a folder on OneDrive, as if it were stored locally, if the internet connection is constant. It will not be a matter of whether these files and folders are stored on OneDrive or on a computer.



Microsoft places great importance on concepts such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The Windows 10 Fall Creatures Update update also includes a number of features that will bring some standards on the platform in this technologies. The greatest innovation will be the Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers. While these handheld controls can be used to navigate virtual three-dimensional areas, it is not necessary to place sensors or markers on the walls around the user. The cameras and sensors in the Windows Mixed Reality titles are replacing the tracks we are watching.


As the name suggests, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update update will arrive in the autumn. However, Microsoft did not disclose the exact time for now, only to say that it will come out later in the year. We can probably see that this update is published at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

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Founder & CEO of BrightTitan

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