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Are those signals coming from aliens?

Scientists have received six significant signals from a distant galaxy. The distant area has been signaling regular signals since 2012, reinforcing the question marks. What's going on? Are those coming from Aliens?   Did we just established a contact with Aliens?   Scientists might have found an answer to their question,...

Scientists have received six s...

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Apollo 11

Here is the code that took Apollo 11 to the moon

Apollo 11 is considered as one of the most important space missions in the world. It was the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon. However, there was a computer responsibly for the entire flight and now, you can see its codes in the GitHub. The interesting part of the code is...

Apollo 11 is considered as on...

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SpaceX just landed its rocket to the sea

SpaceX tried to land its rockets to a floating area on the sea so many times, but the result wasn't really good. However, SpaceX just made a history with its ultimate success. First, SpaceX sent its rocket to the International Space Station ( ISS ), and...

SpaceX tried to land its rocke...

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